Azzar North Coast

the project is a golden opportunity that may not be repeated, as the village contains all the facilities and services that many customers and investors are looking for from all over the world.
Azzar Islands North Coast Village is distinguished by its direct view of the shore of the Mediterranean coast, which is characterized by its wonderful crystal waters that give comfort and give a feeling of reassurance.



it is the latest project of the Reddy Real Estate Development Company, which is characterized by its engineering designs and urban planning, modeled on the best real estate projects around the world.
The village of Lazar Island North Coast is distinguished by its great strategic location, which can be easily accessed through many important main roads and axes, in addition to various spaces and easy payment systems that suit a large category of clients and investors from around the world. The details of the project are as follows.

prime Location

it is located on Alexandria-Matrouh Road at the beginning of Ras El Hekma Road, specifically at km 182 directly on the Mediterranean coast.

Ready Group, the developer of the project, was keen to choose the best places to implement the village, easily accessible through many important main roads and axes. compound is only about 12 minutes away from El Dabaa Road in the North Coast.



Perfectly Master planned

The area of ​​Lazar Island North Coast is 400 acres, and the first phase of the village was implemented on an area of ​​125 acres and occupies the largest part of the space for the picturesque landscapes that give the residents and visitors of the village more psychological comfort, calm and positive energy.

The residential units in Lazar Island North Coast are varied and according to the choice of each customer and the category that suits his needs. The units are also distinguished by the wonderful architectural designs of the world class with direct views of the seashore in a wonderful and beautiful view.



Azzar  Facilities and amenities 

The village of Lazar Island North Coast also has its own private beach or lagoon with a direct view, which brings comfort and tranquility amidst many beautiful landscapes, and the project consists of villas only.


The North Coast Azar Village includes many services and features on the modern European style, and this is what the developer of the project was keen on making Azar Island North Coast a tourist project with integrated facilities and services, and the following is a summary of the project details:


  • swimming pools.
  • aqua park.
  • club house.
  • spa.
  • cafes.
  • restaurant.
  • gym.
  • medical center.

About the developer Reedy group developments

The real estate developer of Lazar Island North Coast is Ready Group for real estate development and investment. The company has great experience in the field of real estate development and investment for more than 50 years of real estate experience, as the company was founded in 1970 AD.

The Lazar North Coast project was designed and implemented with great care and precision in terms of design and implementation, as Ready Group hired Dorra Real Estate Company to implement and plan the project to ensure quality and design similar to the best integrated tourism project.

Dorra Real Estate Company was keen to choose a distinctive location for the project that can be accessed through many important main roads and axes

Unit Types and Payment Plan

townhouse ,villa and twinhouse



Start area:

  • townhouse ,villa and twinhouse : starting area from 150 m2 : 333 m2.

Payment plan:

 Starting price from: 3,500,000 egp Square Meter

0% Down payment 10% delivery Remaining over 5 years

5% Down payment 5% after 3 months 10% on Delivery Remaining over 6 years

10% Down payment 5% after 3 months 10% on Delivery Remaining over 7 years

15% Down payment 5% after 3 months 10% on Delivery Remaining over 8 years

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    Available Units

    Title Property Type Price Beds Baths Property Size Availability Date
    azzar north coast townhouse 390,000EGP / 8 Years Installments 162 m2 27/6/2022
    azzar north coast twinhousea 780,000EGP / 8 Years Installments 285 m2 27/6/2022
    azzar north coast standalone villa 1,000,000EGP / 8 Years Installments 333 m2 27/6/2022

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